Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fat depression

3 years ago, I was at 245 pounds, at that time I was determined & started an intensive diet plan, 2 years later, I ve managed to put down my weight to 165 pounds, that was the one and only achievement I got in my life so far.

Early this year for some reason my weight has been going up tremendously, 180 pounds for couple of months now,
I no longer can resist the hunger & the desire of eating high calorie foods, can’t get my ass up for Gym , etc..

I even convinced myself to enjoy life instead of working hard to control food intakes, exercise & so on.

The thing is, majority of the cloth I wore now turned out like a rice dumpling, those hideous belly with layers just make me so sick.
I know I m so deserved it. It took like years to slim down but gained the freakin’ fat back in weeks ! It is sooo UNFAIR !

I m suffering the Fat depression everyday & its nothing I can do about it, I will soon turn 245 pounds back , or even more.
Deep in my heart I heard a voice saying “ Vincent go f..k yourself…. “ , guess I m really deserve it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Please Vote OBAMA !