Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little bit of myself lately

Yesterday was my friend Peter's birthday , he turn 23 this year, I ve no idea what kind of celebration will be in Germany, but I believed it is definately fun & joyful celebration.

I wish him a very happy birthday, may all his dream come true.

p/s : Happy Birthday my friend , also named Peter, he turn 34 this year (28July) , wish him all the best too , he is a great podcaster, visit his website at :

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These days I ve been through lots of bad things, my forehead was injured, end up with a hidious scar, permanent damaged i called it, no significant improvement on my diet,some arguements with my family , again, well, "thats not big deal", I keep telling myself this, how pathetic..

x x x x x x x x

Yeah, my life will still go on, I will soon turn 35 in less than 2 months, maybe I should start to think about some changes of my life in order to live happier, simplier. Thats my goal right now. Wish myself good-luck ! obviously I need to smile more from now on..