Thursday, July 26, 2007

A little bit of myself lately

Yesterday was my friend Peter's birthday , he turn 23 this year, I ve no idea what kind of celebration will be in Germany, but I believed it is definately fun & joyful celebration.

I wish him a very happy birthday, may all his dream come true.

p/s : Happy Birthday my friend , also named Peter, he turn 34 this year (28July) , wish him all the best too , he is a great podcaster, visit his website at :

x x x x x x x x

These days I ve been through lots of bad things, my forehead was injured, end up with a hidious scar, permanent damaged i called it, no significant improvement on my diet,some arguements with my family , again, well, "thats not big deal", I keep telling myself this, how pathetic..

x x x x x x x x

Yeah, my life will still go on, I will soon turn 35 in less than 2 months, maybe I should start to think about some changes of my life in order to live happier, simplier. Thats my goal right now. Wish myself good-luck ! obviously I need to smile more from now on..


Sue said...

Yeah, that's your Shayne's song, "That's My Goal"

David said...

Great to heard that you are fine :)

Yea... do smile more often & good lucks will comes too... :)

Wyatt said...

Sunshine always comes after rain.
I had my lows a couple months back.
I thought, geez, the world is turning against me, but now,
i feel more alive than ever.

Visit my blog @

Oooh, by the way,
i'm a PGHK listener,
and a huge fan of Shayne Ward too!
Do you know that he released a new single a few weeks back?
"If that's ok with you"


yam9972 said...

Wyatt !!!!

his latest single will only release on 24 th Sept as per information written in his official website.

Wyatt said...

Well, i know it's kinda...ok
it is illegal, but i found a DL link on some site.

here's the link if you're interested.
Great song, up tempo, although the chipmunk sound effect is kinda passe, and annoying.

yam9972 said...

Haha, thank you so much Wyatt !!
However, I ve downloaded 2 days ago, I mean, how can a faithful Shayne's fan doesn't know ? right ?

i got to talk you someday !