Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gotcha !

I was there watching shayne ward performing on the stage, with these pretty ladies in front of me ! haha.. too funny, thank god i wasn't crazy at that shot !... oh u dont want to know ! hahaha....

Sunday, December 21, 2008


took a short video this morning when i was doing my exercise..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ghost Detector 2

Ghost Radar 2

Parcel from Japan delivered

Recommended by Hong Kong, Canada’s radio station, I went ahead & ordered 3 units of this cool gadget, as mentioned, this is a ghost detecting device, functionality as below :

4 color signals indicate different scene,

Dark Blue color - save & secure ( probably surrounded by guardians)
Green color - normal
Yellow color - ghost passing by
Red color - ghost/evils detected, stay away immediately !

This device also able to translate spirits’s voices, however, its in Japanese, which is unusable.
It has a protection function as well, press & hold the button & it will transmit a frequency that believed will chase away the spirits.

Closer Look..

深藍色 =為最安全(則可能有守護神)
綠色 =浅绿為正常
黄色 =有灵体存在
紅色 =有恶灵,為身處危險,請盡快離開

你相信這個世界有靈體嘛?也許你沒有超能力,但是日本科學家,竟然用科學的方法來探測靈體,還在半信半疑嘛?現在你就能親自感應這個不可思議的超自然現象了。神奇的日本靈體探測器2 Ghost Rader2~~~超刺激!超神奇!


Monday, December 08, 2008


I feel Shitty, thats all I gonna say..

Friday, December 05, 2008

Night Mare - Retrench

Always thought these wont happen to the company I work with who has strong growth rate , talking about just took over a big manufacturing plant & established new plant not long ago, yesterday the management has announced to rip off 2 staffs in each department as endowments suffer from financial crisis.

I might be one of them ! In addition, it won’t have any annual bonus or salary increments for this year, God I need time to digest all these, at this point of time , I will have to forget about all the Christmas sales, great bargins, & other un-needed expenses, can’t imagine I will go jobless one day, what could I do for living then ? argh…