Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Shayne Ward

"I'm here to win your heart and soul, that's my goal."
And he has done it! Oh boy, has he done it. Introducing, the man with the voice that captured the hearts of Britain and soon, the world, the charming, the irresistible, the winner of last year's The X Factor talent series -- Shayne Ward.
He's 22, Irish, with a set of deep green eyes and he wants to win your heart. No, not romantically, but you can dream. Shayne Ward, while growing up in Manchester had always followed through his passion -- singing. This enthusiasm soon devoured him and turned this thirsting need into a hungry want -- a want to turn this passion into who he is today.
So what do young aspiring singers do to break into the music scene? Form a band, of course. Shayne Ward, at the age of 16, laid his first brick of his music career foundation by joining a band, Destiny. With Destiny, Shayne had his first taste of performing live and let's just say it wasn't his thing. Oh but look at him now!
The X Factor talent series wasn't at all new to Shayne and his band for they auditioned for the first series but got nowhere. A year later, Shayne decided to give it another shot -- thanks to his supportive family. Can you imagine entering a competition just because your family wanted you to? What a charmer. With the competition closing in, Shayne never thought he would be the last one standing. Now who says nice guys finish last? Not in his case.
With Britain screaming for him, his eyes brimming with tears and his heart blazed with passion, it's not over for this Irish stud. In fact, it's just the beginning.
First stop- U.K. Next stop -- the world.
Shayne Ward is the youngest son of a very large family and has a twin sister called Emma.
His three passions in life are, Singing, Dancing and Football.
Shayne is the first ever reality TV show winner to make in into the display at Madame Tussaud's.
Before rising to fame, Shayne worked as a shop assistant in a shoe store in Manchester.
Shayne's mother raised the family all by herself when Shyane was only ten years old.



在觀眾的見證之下,Shayne Ward發行了首張個人專輯,由選秀比賽脫穎而出的他,歌唱實力自然不在話下,Shayne Ward的嗓音很有存在感,在詮釋高音的部份也不會讓人覺得有負擔,首支單曲<That`s My Goal>就像是記錄了他整個選秀的過程,做為首波主打,更是引起了所有觀眾的共鳴,讓樂迷們有參與感,話題性大過音樂本身的該曲,也不付眾望賣出了好成績。<No Promises>流暢的節奏藍調旋律則表現出男人的深情與無悔,而在這張專輯中融合了許多不同的音樂元素,無論是鼓勵人心的勵志歌曲到朗朗上口的流行歌曲,或是偏向古典的抒情歌曲與翻唱系列,可見唱片公司極欲一網打盡的心態.

頗具戲劇張力的<What About Me>,更是一語道破了所有白領階級的心聲,對於夢想的堅持與不願放棄的目標,<Next To Me>中輕快的舞曲旋律,彷如Craig David的上身,無論在曲風及那對於男女情愛的描繪,皆讓人有似曾相識的錯覺,不過在一串的慢版歌曲之後放入這首令人隨之搖擺的歌曲,更是令人留下深刻的印象,也建議Shayne Ward應多嘗試類似的曲風,相信也同樣能夠受到樂迷的喜愛。實境節目所反應出的是一顆顆寂寞且孤獨的靈魂,即便我也不例外,固定時間回家打開電視,別人的生與死似乎比起自己平淡的生活更來的精彩。



Ang Ku Kueh said...

Dear Vincent, Thanks for your sharing, Too bad I go to search for this album yesterday, I cant found this album. Maybe had not yet released in S'pore kua....

Wantan said...

Izzit ? I had listened all the song preview, wanted to buy today, this album already released on July in Hong Kong & Taiwan, so sad cannot get it here :-(

デス sleepy K. said...

aiya angku its out for a long time liao...

see this

Wantan said...

Thank you so much Chew, I m trying to grab all his video right now ! He is a amazing guy, In X-factor, he wons all the judges's heart throughly, his passion & conviction just to tempting. The more u explore him, the more u will like him.

Wantan said...

AH~~ (scream) check this out (video) love this song, love this video ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJMzarKouhM&search=shayne

Wantan said...

oh, yesterday I saw his album advertisement on S'pore TV, I m sure Ang Ku you can find it now, oh oh, He will make his tour to S'pore & Malaysia around Oct - Nov this year, wah nice ah ! oh my god ! he rocks ! ( *fainted*)

AL said...

i'm really not sure how many times u need to faint if u can see him in person. hahaha.

listen to one of his song, not bad.

Wantan said...

not only I will faint many times when I get to see him in person, i think i will be melting ! He is just too good to be true ! I m listening to his songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week now ! I m a his huge huge fan !

Ang Ku Kueh said...

aiyo... I'm so "sua ku" ler... paiseh...paiseh :)