Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slimmer Look

Annoucement ! I m proudly to say that my pants size were reduced from 42 to 38 !.

This morning I decided to try the new pant & it fits ! oh I m glad I had a litte achievement on my diet plan since March this year, i lost 24 pounds & aim to reduce another 20-30 pounds. Take a look at my pix, Do I look slimmer or just the camera tricks, haha..


Ang Ku Kueh said...

oh no... Wantan "Kiu Chui" liao... Haha... Congratulation Bro :)
Keep it Up man....^_^

yam9972 said...

oh Ang Ku, u r so sweet ! luv ya :-)

ah_chew said...

heheh keep it up :P

yam9972 said...

Oh Ah Chew, nice to have you here, Thanks for visiting & your sweet comment, I loved it :-)