Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ear Pierced

I had my ear pierced yesterday, my mom scolded me for the craziness, but at least my friends here supported me, thank God it doesn't look weird though, I was told by the Lady from the shop that I must not remove it in few weeks, when the time come, I can pick other cool design I like !

I was so chicken when she punched in the needle into my ear, I m very afraid of pain, but it really not that hurt though. I just have to get used to it, & avoid to accidentally feel it up.

what do you think ?


AL said...

for sure your mum will scold u lah.... b4 u go for this, u already expected mar, right?

yam9972 said...

well, she is fine with it now, just curious why her son become hip even at this age :-)

デス sleepy K. said...

haha i never had any ear piercing but other part of my body.. it hurts like siao..

yam9972 said...

OMG Ah Chew ! dont tell me its at your... (*Q*), good one !