Friday, November 09, 2007

Fuxx the Fat

Its been 20 months since my diet plan started. I saw visible result, but lately it was like, growing back ! well I must confessed I ate more than before, I was able to control my food intake earlier but not now anymore ! always feel hungry all the times ! what happen to me ?

Everytime when I looked at my stomach, urgh... ugly as hell. Sometimes I so want to convince myself that its ok for my body size right now, but I just can't ! just 1 meal, it will bring up my weight instantly ! damn it

gained 3 kg now & potientally to go up more, that is a nightmare ! oh my gosh !

I begin to believe I was born to be fat, holy cow, that will be a disaster if I need to continue these for my entire life to avoid fat, screw fat !

how nice if lipo-suction surgery wasn't any painful & costly, I will definately go for it.

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